Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Mystic Parliament

I am seriously considering bringing The Mystic Parliament publication back! For those who are not aware of what The Mystic Parliament is, it was a monthly print publication that featured articles on topics such as paranormal, metaphysics, occult, myths and occasionally featured books. Plus contained news about up coming paranormal festivals and events.
I really would like to have feedback from all readers on if I should restart The Mystic Parliament. Email me your comments or questions by clicking here or use the contact option on this blog.
As always, thanks for your support!

Friday, May 26, 2017

History, Religion & The New Age Movement

   Egypt, as we know it is as old as antiquity and beyond. The ancient name for Egypt is KEMET which reportedly means "BLACK LAND" and is in reference to the very rich soil that can be found around the NILE RIVER.

   The country was also knowm as MISR and simply means country. Even today, Egyptians use this term.

   Ancient Egypt is also credited as being one of the CRADLES OF CIVILIZATION. The others being the area of Mesopotania, the yellow river region in China, and the Indian subcontinate.

   I imagine that many of you are wondering why I am talking about ancient history to an audience who is interested in the paranormal. In short, history gives us a glimpse of ancient cultures and an overview of their of their religions, myths & practices. Now I bet you wondering why we would even bother to study ancient religions.... The answer to that is THE  PARANORMAL  & NEW AGE MOVEMENT!

   The new age movement is basically the reviving of ancient Religions & Esoteric teachings compounded with occult knowledge, paranormal related theories and often mixed with dabblers who have not recieved the proper training to carry out their goals & intentions. As paranormal investigators and researchers, you may very well encounter a case in which a dabbler got in over their head and now is reaching out to you for help.

   The exact time frame of the New Age Movement in the West is hotly debated. But, for the sake of argument lets just assign the 1970s as the time that the new age movement really picked up steam. The 1970s is a good starting point to begin with and move forward or backward in tracing its movement in the west.

   The new age movement can successfully trace its roots to a Russian lady named HELENA BLAVATSKY and many of you may better know her simply as Madam Blavatsky. In 1877 Madam Blavatsky came out with her book on theosophy called ISIS UNVEILED. This one book had a profound effect on getting esoteric thought into the main stream.
Still yet the new age movement can also trace its lineage to the spiritis movement and a whole host of books by Allan Kardec. Oh and lets not forget Leah, Margaret, and Kate...collectively known as The Fox sisters. Plus there is the sleeping prophet... Edgar Casey and a whole host of other figures who played some role in the new age movement...we will not get into that here right now as that would be a whole different lecture.

   So, now that you clearly see the link between the paranormal, occult, new age movement, & history of ancient cultures we shall procede.

   As I mentioned before, the land of Egypt is ancient and as being one of the cradles of civilization we will find one of the most ancient religions and their ancient Gods and Goddesses.

   The ancient Egyptians were POLYTHEISTIC, that is that they had a pantheon of many Gods and Goddesses. Each God & Goddess was in relation to different things they would encounter or experience. Their prients were also sometimes known to practice HENOTHEISM. Henotheism is the belief of multiple Gods and Goddesses but often worship or work with one God or Goddess in particular.

   Please note that many of the KEMETIC RECONSTRUCTIONIST Groups like the FELLOWSHIP of ISIS have revived the practice & worship of the ancient ones. Take notice that the Fellowship of ISIS is not the Muslim isis terrorist group that you see on the news. Those people follow the teachings of Muhamad and believe in Allah.

   Anyway, if you would like to learn more about the Kemetic group that worship the Goddess ISIS please go to fellowship of isis central .com
Now, on to the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon.

As legend goes:
The first God was ATUM and he created himself out of chaos. From himself, he created SHU the God of air and TEFNUT the Goddess of rain. Shu & Tefnut concieved GEB & NUT. Geb was the Earth God & Nut was Goddess of the sky. Geb & Nut are seen as parents of all other Gods & Goddesses.

   In LOWER EGYPT, the belief was that the oroginal God was KHEPER. He was self produced and made other Gods & Goddesses from himself. Kheper is also thought to be father of OSIRIS, NEPHTYS, ISIS, SET, & Horus.

   In UPPER EGYPT, THOTH  was the original God and he created the original 4 couples who in return creayed everything else.

The God Osiris was the original king of Egypt. His sister and wife was Isis. Togather they ruled and taught the people how to farm crops and the art of animal husbandry.  Set, the brother of Osiris & Isis became jealous of Osiris as the people loved and worshiped Osiris. So, as jealousy ensued, Set devised a plan to assisinate his brother which he succeded in carrying out the plan.

   Isis after a long search found the body of her dead husband and she begged the Sun God to give OSIRIS LIFE AGAIN FOR JUST ONE MORE DAY. The sun God obliged the request and Osiris came to life. From this 1 day of life, Osiris & Isis fornicated and concieved HORUS.
Here I would like to mention that after the 1 day of life that was granted by the sun God, Osiris died. Osiris became the 1st mummy when Anubis embalmed him.

   Anyway, Set tried to kill Horus and Isis on more than one occasion and they were saved each time by Thoth the God of wisdom and much more. In adulthood, Horus fought his uncle Set and the matter was finally settled by the court of the UNDERWORLD. The court heared both sides of the story and the court ruled in favor of Horus and Set was ordered to pull the Sun accross the sky forever and Horus was proclaimed King of Egypt and took his rightful place on the thrown of Egypt.

   Of course there is much more to the story and you only got the short version of it here. I hope that this story of Osiris, Isis & Horus has peaked your curiosity and you will seek further information on your own.
   The Ancient Egyptians understood the concept of Ka and Ba....
To the ancient Egyptians, Ka was created at the moment of birth of each human. Ka was the invisible double of the person and was the essence or force of life. While Ka was outside of the body, Ba was inside of the physical body.

   Ba was thought of as the person's soul. Ba ws also created at the very moment of birth for each human.

   The ancient egyptians had to successfully complete a few things before they were allowed to reach paradise or also known as (The Land in the West).
1. They had to pass gates and labyrinths by answering a series of questions.
2. The God Aker led them to the Court of the Underworld.
3. In the court, they had to address 14 judges about deeds they done in life.
4. Anubis placed their hearts on scales to weigh the heart for sins...a feather of Ma'at was used as balance on the scales.
5. If their heart was not heavy by sin, Horus took the person to Osiris.
6. Then they would be allowed to enter the paradise of fertile fields and eternal life.

****But if the person's heart was heavy with sin, the scales tipped down to Ammut who was sitting at the scales waiting to devoure the sin heavy heart and thus the person's soul would be restless forever!
Historians tell us that within the tombs of the Ancient Egyptians, we would find something called THE BOOK OF THE DEAD. But, what is the book of the dead?

   Essentually, the book of the dead is a manuscript of sorts that had magical texts and special prayers that was supposed to help the recently passed while in the after life. Priests would read the book of the dead over the dead as part of the funeral ritual. Of course the common Egyptian would not have an elaborite book of the dead as say a king or wealthy Egyptian but, they certainly would try to have one!

   Another interesting thing that would be found in the tombs would be something that many would call Declarations of Purity and they would be in direct relation to the 42 laws or rules of Ma'at and the book of the dead.
If any of the readers took the time to read the 42 laws I applaud you! If you have read the 42 laws of Ma'at, how many found the 10 Commandments in Ma'at's 42 laws?

   Remember that Moses brought the 10 Commandments to the Jews. Plus, we need to remember that Moses was raised as a Prince of Egypt. How do we know that Moses was raised as an Egyptian Prince? Look at the King James Version of the Bible and read Exodus, chapter 2 verses 1-10. And as a prince of Egypt, he would have recieved the best education in Egypt which would have included the 42 laws of Ma'at.

   Isnt it interesting to see how that by studying history and religious texts, we can see various connections and connect the dots? In my humble opinion, all things are connected to each other in some way.

Monday, May 1, 2017

My Conclusion

My conclusion:
Life can be cold,
Find someone who wants to share the warmth.
The path can be tough,
Find someone who is willing to make the journey.
Time is relative,
Find someone who makes it memorable.
Love is unconditional,
Love those who love you.
~George Turner / June 17, 2014

Monday, April 24, 2017

Standing At The Crossroads

This is just a brief post to remind everyone that my newest book STANDING AT THE CROSSROADS  is available on Amazon. Just use the link provided to order directly from Amazon. Every purchase helps support me and my work. As always, thank you for reading my content and most of all thank you for being you !
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Monday, April 17, 2017


               If you are so inclined to read and research religious and literary texts, I would suggest that one gets familiar with something called hermeneutics. Hermeneutics deals with interpreting religious and literary texts. The purpose to learning hermeneutics is to know when to read and understand texts in literal sense, allegorical sense or in a moral sense. An example of understanding proper use of hermeneutics is the old debate between the Mormons and the Christian Apologetic ministers and other similar denominations of Christians. The Mormons say that God is an exalted man by taking the following verses as being very literal, the Book of Daniel Chapter 5 verse 5 which reads "in the same hour came forth fingers of a man's hand and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall of the king's palace: and the king saw the part of the hand that wrote". The Mormons say God literally has a hand....

                Then they also cite and take very literal the book of Revelations Chapter 1 verses 14 & 15 "His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire” . Now God has hair and eyes according to the literal Mormon interpretation. Verse 15 says "And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters".   

                Now according to their literal interpretation, God has feet and an audible voice. But, how do they deal with verse 16 when it states, "And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength". Now based on them taking verses 14 and 15 as being literal we have to continue with taking verse 16 as being literal and say that God has a two-edged sword as a tongue.  Let’s go to Psalm 91 verse 4. "He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt though trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler".. Now if we use the Mormon literal interpretation, God is now some sort of bird with wings and feathers!

                Of course the Mormons use other verses found in the Old Testament and New Testament to back up their claims and I only listed a few but, you see my point. We must know how to and when to read religious texts in the correct way…. that is read it in an allegorical way, literal way or in a way to get the moral lessons from it.  Now, please understand that I certainly do not want our Mormon friends to be angry at me. I only used them as an example.

                The verses I quoted is from the King James Version of the Bible.

                When interpreting religious texts, please keep in mind the historical era, culture and geography of the people who are writing the text and of those that the religious texts are referring to.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lost UFO Enthusiast

The mysterious case of lost UFO enthusiast Frederick Valentich has baffled investigators in the UFO community since 1978. Valentich was an Australian man who was fascinated  with UFOS and flying. He applied to the Royal Australian Air Force but was rejected. He also failed the commercial pilot exams but, he was persistent.

Valentich had around one hundred fifty hours of flying logged when he left Moorabbin  airport on October  21st, 1978 in a Cessna 182L. This was to be his final flight.

The Cessna 182L is a light airplane that had a 230 horse power piston engine. The Cessna 182 is used by several  flight schools, governmental civil organizations and even by some militaries. The 182 had a cruise speed of around 165 mph  and had a gravity fed fuel system.

Valentich left the Moorabbin airport at approximately 6:15 pm. The weather conditions were good. He was plotting a course southeast toward King Island. While over Bass Straight he reported to airport control that he thought another aircraft was in his vicinity and it passed over his plane. He asked the air control if their was any air traffic under 5000 feet or any military aircraft operating near him. All answers to his questions were no.

He also reported that their was an aircraft approaching him from the east and it seemed to be playing a game with him and his aircraft. Minutes later, he notified control that his plane’s engine was running rough. His last transmission was him saying that the craft that was toying with him was hovering over him and it wasn’t an airplane.

Some UFO skeptics contend that Valentich just became disoriented and eventually started flying upside down. This is one reason that his engine would start to run rough as it was a gravity fed system. Also, flying upside down would explain why he reported that something was hovering over him.. (his own airplane reflection off the water). Plus, flying upside down would eventually cause the engine to stall thus leading to him crashing. UFO skeptics say that Valentich’s  obsession with UFOs was his own down fall. UFO believers say that they believe he encountered a UFO.

Wreckage was found some time later that is believed to be parts of a Cessna matching what Valentich was piloting. Even though the wreckage was found, his body was never recovered. Some doubt that the wreckage found was even from Valentich’s airplane. Maybe this is one of those cases that will never be truly closed.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Mysterious Case of Susan Walsh

Susan Walsh was a freelance writer and journalist who lived in Nutley, New Jersey. Susan worked as an exotic dancer during her college years and then again sometime after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from William Paterson College. While doing research for this article I found numerous sources that reported that she struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues.

Susan had a variety of jobs including exotic dancer, writer for various business and engineering publications as well as for Screw Magazine. She also served as an investigative journalist for The Village Voice newspaper. Susan was active in the making of two documentaries on the adult entertainment industry. Both of the documentaries were considered to some as being controversial.

Using her experience and connections she had while working as a stripper, she wrote an article on on the Russian Mob's alleged involvement in the strip club industry. That article was published by The Village Voice. She received accolades for writing the article as well as threats!

After that successful article, she was asked to do an article on New York's underground vampire community. This was an assignment that she accepted and proved to be her last.

Again, using her connections, she successfully arranged meetings with members of the targeted vampire community. She was allowed access to several clubs and bars that the vampire community used. During her investigation into the dark niche, she met and eventually allegedly started a romantic relationship with an individual who claimed to be one of the undead in the vampire subculture.

Documented reports from people who knew her say that she fell deep into the subculture and may have started believing what her interviewees were saying. This maybe substantiated by the fact that her article was rejected that she wrote on the vampire scene. The article was deemed to be not journalistic quality as it was not written in an objective view. Perhaps this was an indication that she was buying into the vampire subculture.

On July 16th, 1996 some time around noon, she dropped her son off at her son's father's house. She told her ex husband when she dropped off the child, that she had to take care of some errands. This was to be the last time that she would see her child.

Some people believe that the Russian mob may have had a hit out on her life. Others believe that the mysterious vampire community claimed her as a victim. Still, some people suggest that she owed money to the wrong people. Either case, she has not been seen since 7-16-96. If she is dead, the body has never been found. I would love to read any comments from the readers.

The Mystic Parliament

I am seriously considering bringing The Mystic Parliament publication back! For those who are not aware of what The Mystic Parliament is, it...